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Eugen Curteanu of Romania Addresses FIJET World Congress


Eugen Curteanu of Romania Addresses FIJET World Congress

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to begin by expressing my joy to be with you and I take this opportunity to thank our hosts for the excellent organization of this major event as a signal of our common desire to strengthen the ties and the cooperation in the field of tourism. It is indeed a great pleasure to be here in the remarkable city of Istanbul, the "European Capital of Culture" for 2010.

Romania acknowledges the role of FIJET and supports its efforts to provide a link for promoting and enhancing diplomacy and international relations through travel and tourism editorial endeavours. We are deeply convinced that the FIJET Congress is a proven way of gaining positive press in the highly desirable global market.

I want to emphasize that we very much value the opportunity given to Romania to be an active partner, and we hope that by strengthening co-operation between nations through culture, education and tourism, we will achieve our common goals.

Dear colleagues,

We agree that tourism is a recognized global industry—one of the largest industries in the world. Like any global industry, tourist business activities can have considerable impact on local development trends. The local impacts of the tourism industry are diverse and are often unique to the tourism sector.

Therefore, Romania makes use of its cultural diversity and has set this as a fundamental element in the post-accession strategy, which aims at promoting a solid and distinctive country brand.

This year in Shanghai, Romania launched its country brand. Taking into consideration the importance of promoting Romanian values into the universal cultural background, we can say that tourism brand highlights just that Romania has more beautiful, more interesting, more untainted to offer. Now is the time for people to acknowledge us as a country of biodiversity and multiculturalism. We are a unique country due to our Dacian inheritance, that is far from being exploited to its full potential, as well as through the mixture of Byzantine and Latin cultural heritage. Perhaps nothing could better define the spirit of a people than the old traditions and customs. Romania brings to the world a richness of nature that cannot be ignored. The Carpathian Mountains and the Danube Delta, the Black Sea and the plateaus, each have something unique, a story to tell, a "flavour" to taste. With all these treasures, we know we can win our place among the world tourist destinations.

One of the medium-term priorities of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, is the development of a national tourism brand that has impact on both the country brand and the development of domestic and foreign tourist market. Creating a positive image of Romania as a tourist destination by defining the national tourism brand, will lead to promotion romanian tourism potential by improving the country image.

Creating the national tourism brand is the first step of a larger project that our ministry seeks to implement. Following the brand development and general communication strategy MRDT will create and implement a range of information and promotion campaigns that will support the brand and will send specific messages to target groups.

Ladies and Gentleman,

As we all know, the travel & tourism industry has a significant contribution to the development and socioeconomic integration in rural, peripheral and less developed regions. In the longer run, travel & tourism will sustain its leading role in driving global growth, creating jobs and alleviating poverty.

The Romanian Government is under no illusions as to the important role travel & tourism can play in the country’s future economic development.

We are all aware of the hard work lying in front of us, for being able to compete with those countries with tradition in tourism. We are ready to make all the necessary efforts in order to assure an enforced cooperation, as a close dialog represents the fundamental element for the future of sustainable tourism.

Last but not least, please allow me to express our satisfaction and gratitude for appointing Romania as the host of the 53rd FIJET World Congress. We do believe that by hosting this important event, Romania will get very good exposure that will not only help in terms of attracting more tour operators from all over the world to feature Romania, but will also, get the international seal of approval in regards to what our tourism potential is concerned. We invite each and every one of you to explore Romania, “The Carpathian Garden!"

Finally I would like to reiterate that Romania will be especially active in pushing for the fulfilment of international commitments.

Because, dear colleagues this is, in fact, the stake of our close cooperation.

Thank you.