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International Experts Address Young Journalists Academy 2010

altBled, Slovenia – A select group of internationally renowned experts are slated to address the 2010 FIJET Young Journalists Academy in the beautiful alpine city of Bled, Slovenia from May 7-14. The experts, who include specialists from scientific institutions, international travel organizations and leading journalists will address the theme of “Green Tourism” during the week-long event.

“The theme of this year’s first Academy “Tourism goes green” was chosen due to actual climate changes and will stress the need for the sustainable development of tourism,” said Drago Bulc, Director of the FIJET Young Journalists Academy and member of the FIJET Executive Committee.

In addition to Mr. Bulc and Academy Program Director Prof. TANJA MIHALI?, PhD, Faculty of Economics of Ljubljana University, Slovenia, the speakers include:
·         Prof. LU?KA KAJFEˇ BOGATAJ, PhD, climatologist, winner of 2008 Nobel Prize for Peace 2008 (together with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore)
·         Prof. EDUARDO FAYOS-SOLA, PhD, Executive Secretary of Education and Science Council UNWTO (United Nations World Travel Oranization)
·         MARCELO RISI, Director of Communications for the UNWTO
·         MARJAN HRIBAR, MSc, President of European Commision of UNWTO
·         EVA ŠTRAVS PODLOGAR, CEO Slovenian Tourist Board
·         JIM THOMSON, Executive Director of FIJET for Congresses and Communications and Managing Editor of Western News Service (Los Angeles, CA)
·         DIMITRIJ PICIGA, MSc, Vice President of European Travel Commission
Participating students will be required to collaborate on writing and presenting an article or report (to be selected by the students) during the course of studies. Students are also required to write (for print publications) or produce (for radio and television) a report on the host country, titled “A Country that Honors its Past but Accommodates the Future.”
The best three articles/productions will be awarded with prizes, donated by Slovenian and Bled Tourist Boards.
All course activities will be conducted in English at the Academy in in Bled, Slovenia. Bled is a tourist resort in the Northwest of Slovenia on the border to Italy and Austria and is easily accessible by car, train or plane. The nearest airport (Ljubljana, Slovenia) is only 25 km away, Austrian nearest airport is Klagenfurt, Italian Trieste.
To learn more about the venue visit http://www.bled.si/en/ and Tourism and services high school, http://www.vgs-bled.si/


MAY 7 - 14

Day 1
Friday May 7th
Arriving day of participants
18.00 welcome drink and speeches in reception hall of Hotel Astoria Bled
20.00 dinner in Hotel Astoria
Day 2
Saturday May 8th
7.00 -8.30 Breakfast in Hotel Astoria
Beginning of educational program in High School for Tourism and Guest services in Bled / nice old building 100 m from Hotel Astoria
9.00 Welcome speech by Academy Director Drago Bulc and Program director prof.Tanja MihalicPhD
10.00 Climate changes and Tourism Development Prof. Lu?ka Kajfe˛ Bogataj PhD, Nobel Prize Panellist for Peace /together with Al Gore/
11.00 till 13.00 Sustainable tourism development Prof. Tanja Mihali? PhD, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
13.00 lunch buffet in park in front of the School
14.00 till 16.00 How to write attractive especially about sustainable tourism Prof. Peter Lindner PhD, München, Germany
16.00 Coffee break
16.00 till 17.00 p.m. discussion with Prof. Peter Lindner
20.00 Bled Mayor's Dinner - Mayor of Bled Janez Fajfar
22.00 Cocktail drink in Casino Bled
Day 3
Sunday May 9th
7.00 till 8.00 breakfast in Hotel Astoria
8.00 By bicycle to Bled railway station
8.35 By train to Bohinjska Bistrica /24 km/ 
Visit of the first five stars Ecohotel Park in Bohinjska Bistrica
Refreshing in wellness Park and lunch
Excursion by electric powered boat over Bohinjsko jezero,
Scenic cable car climbing to mountain Vogel from where there is magnificent mountain view of the Julian Alps
All day program sponsored by Bohinj Tourist Board
16.43 By train from Bohinj back to Bled railway station
17.04 From Bled railway station by bicycles to eco agritourism farm Mulej near Lake Bled
17.30 Green tourism development in St. Moritz-Top of the world - Hanspeter Danuser PhD.- 30 years Director of St. Moritz Tourist Board
Slovenian peasant dinner on the farm
Bicycle ride back to hotel Astoria
Day 4
Monday May 10th
7 till 8.00 breakfast in Hotel Astroria
8.30 departure by bus to Ljubljana
9.30 Ljubljana is going green - Petra Stušek, Tourist board of Ljubljana
10.30 Old town of Ljubljana - sightseeing tour
12.00 Lunch buffet at famous Ljubljana fruit and vegetable market
13.30 Departure to Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana
14.00 Slovenia is going green - mag.Marjan Hribar, General Director for tourism in Government of Slovenia
15.00 UN WTO is going green- prof. Eduardo Fayos Sola, UN WTO Regional Director for Europe
17.00 Europe is going green- mag. Dimitrij Piciga, Vice-president of European Travel Commission
18.00 departure to the biggest shopping centre in Europe - free for shopping
19.00 departure to Bled
20.00 Dinner in hotel Astoria
Day 5
May 11th
7.00 till 8.30 Breakfast in Hotel Astoria
9.00 till 10.00 Sustainability for Strategic Advantage, prof. Nadya Zhexmbayeva phd. – IEDC Bled
10 till 10 30 coffee break
10.30 till 12.00 UN WTO promotion activities of sustainable tourism - Marcelo Risi UNWTO Director of Communications
12.00 Excursion to Krma valley in the Triglav National Park
13.00 Typical Slovenian lunch at 300 years old farmhouse Pocarjeva doma?ija Sponsored by Kranjska Gora Tourist Board
14.00 Restricted development of tourism in Triglav National Park, mag Martin Šolar, Director of Triglav National Park
16.00 Scenic drive by bus to Kranjska Gora, the leading skiing resort in Slovenia and then continuing to Bled
20.00 Dinner and Alpine Dancing night at famous Gostilna Avsenik
Day 6
May 12th
7.00 to 8.30 Breakfast
9.00 till 11.00 How to write about sustainable tourism - Jim Thomson, FIJET Executive Director for MICE and Communications
11.30 Departure to Terme Snovik - first Slovenian winner of Daisy/ EU award for sustainable development of tourism/
12.30 Lunch in Terme Snovik/famous trout/
15.00 Departure to Arboretum Vol?ji potok, nice walk trough one of the nicest parks in Europe
17.00 Departure to Dvor Jezeršek
18.00 Typical Slovenian dinner
20.00 Departure to Bled Hotel Astoria
Day 7
May 13th
Whole day excursion
Green breakfast in Slovenia, Green brunch in Italy and Green lunch in Austria sponsored by three neighbouring countries /Slovenia, Austria and Italy cooperating in project “Playing together
20.00 Farwell gala dinner in the restaurant at Bled castle
           Delivering of the first Diplomas of participation at FIJET Academy for Young Journalists

Autor: Jim Thompson

Sursa: fijet.net

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