FIJET Academy in Gorj County

FIJET Academy in Gorj County! FIJET journalists visited the Gorj Village Museum from Curțișoara with traditional houses and a lot of stories about them. After this introduction the visit continued at Hobița village, the birthplace of the famous sculptor Constantin Brancusi. FIJET journalists learned how Constantin Brancusi grew up and became famous. It’s followed an evening visit on foot to outdoor works of Constantin Brancusi. Targu Jiu was awarded by FIJET World with Golden Apple in 2014 for these masterpieces of Constantin Brancusi. FIJET Journalists visited next morning the National Centre for Tourism Information and Promotion Targu Jiu. The deputy mayor at Targu Jiu, Adrian Tudor, was an excellent lecturer during the visit in Gorj County for the young travel journalists from FIJET.