Testimonial after FIJET Academy – Karina Toneva (Bulgaria)

FIJET Academy for Young Travel Journalists gave me an exceptional opportunity to explore Romania, I would have never visited the places I got to know, because I have never been to the country before, and the locations covered in the program are off mainstream tourist guides.

I was impressed by the cities of Alba Iulia and Targu Jiu. Alba Iulia taught me a lot about Romanian history while I enjoyed its beautiful setting. The Citadel, with its ability to combine old and new, tourism and education, is truly astonishing. Targu Jiu, on the other hand, showed me a new perspective on fine arts as I learned about the symbolism of Brancusi’s monuments. Both cities have their own personalities, their specific atmospheres, which make me want to explore Romania further and further. 

What is more, I made new friends during The Academy. The sense of community the event provides contributes a lot to our experience of the destinations we visit.

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